a whole bunch of new.

I have discovered a thing – doing something completely different is a rather effective antidote to perfectionism. Having no expectations on yourself is very freeing! Also, I feel like living overseas was such a big step that doing anything else is just a little hop away. Anything is possible! Hello world, you oyster! 🙂

So brimming with confidence in doing wild and uncharacteristic things, I auditioned to be a radio host on NUS’ student radio, Radio Pulze, yesterday… aaaaaand I got in!! I’m going to have a radio show!!!! EEEP!

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student life fair.

On Thursday to Saturday last week, it was the Student Life Fair. This is sort of like what we  call Clubs Week at Auckland Uni, but like times a million, and with so much free stuff you actually just cannot carry it all.

2016-08-13 00.21.30

Everyone gets given a goodie bag that has SO MUCH STUFF – there are vouchers and snacks and stationery and toiletries and even a t-shirt!

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city tour and the movie star life.

2016-08-04 16.55.33.jpg

Exploring Chinatown.

Today’s orientation activity was a walking tour around central Singapore! My group happened to be designated to be filmed for a welcome video for next year’s incoming exchange students, so this made the tour extra interesting and amusing, as there was a director instructing us on how to act like tourists, while actually in reality we all are tourists. This gave a level of ironic fun to the tour that I feel the other groups probably missed out on 😉 Also, they bought us fresh juice drinks as a thank you, and watermelon juice is ALWAYS a good time.

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