let’s do the MRT hop.

On Saturday I had a SUPER-MEGA-EXPLORE-day. It was a beautiful sunny day, which meant that walking around so much was a very sweaty experience, but very worthwhile! 😉 As some of you may know, I am on a mini mission to explore all of Singapore via MRT (the train system here!). Singapore’s MRT is truly a thing of beauty, especially from the perspective of a girl who grew up in Auckland (a really, really lovely city, transportation aside 😛 ). So I have printed out a large MRT map and stuck it on my pinboard, and I’m pinning off the stations as I visit each area! I thought this would be a cool way to do some independent exploring, and also to see the non-touristy parts of the island 🙂

2016-09-19 21.48.25.jpg

A photo Mum took of me with my map while they were here 😛


If you want to look up the map yourself to see where the places I explored to in this post are, you can find it here!


Or this one is the to scale one I printed, but note that it doesn’t have the Downtown line – I had to draw that in myself!

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first class, first impressions

  1. It is cool that this class is in the library, I like the library.
  2. It is pretty great taking a psychology and language class focusing on Singaporean bilingualism and Singlish.
  3. It is even greater when pretty much your entire class is Singaporean and bilingual.
  4. I think this might be quite hard.
  6. And the lecturer is super cool.
  7. And we’re encouraged to use Singlish in class!
  8. And THEN he started talking about developmental psychology studies in relation to language, like object permanance and initiating joint attention and this is very exciting I just about lost it.
  9. Happy little language/brains fangirl 🙂