japan holiday day 7 / the happiest place on earth.

On the 22nd everybody parted ways – Uncle Mel was meeting a friend for lunch, Auntie Carol and Vera wanted to do some shopping, and Glen and I… went to Disneyland Tokyo!!! We had a magical day; it was really, really great. While the entire holiday was, of course, marvellous, I had been dealing with some really horrible bouts of depression and anxiety on a daily (ugh and nightly πŸ˜› ) basis, and escaping to the world of Disney for a day was just lovely.

Also – Disneyland at Christmas time?! So cool 😊 Here’s a lil preview of what the night time looked like hehe CAUSE I’M TOO EXCITED TO WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THIS POST πŸ˜›

2016-12-23 00.02.42.jpg


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japan holiday day 6 / oh hi again, tokyo.

It’s time to say bye to Karuizawa and catch the train back to Tokyo!

Before we go, here’s the view from our window in Karuizawa:

2016-12-21 14.43.27.jpg

Just look at that frozen pond 😲

We went back to the crazy outlet area near the train station before we left, and did a bit more shopping, and took a few more photos of our beautiful surroundings! Continue reading

the dream team travels across worlds // day 6.

Day Six / 6th Dec


Sentosa Island is a place I had not really been to – not properly anyway – the only time I had been there was when Glen and I went to that wedding, but since we just drove straight to the hotel and it was nighttime I don’t think it properly counts!

Sentosa has MANY things to do, way more than you could see in one day! We spent our day at Universal Studios, which is SO GOOD, and you can definitely spend a whole day there!!

We set off early and made our way over!

We’re hereeee! Universal Studios Singapore has 6 zones which are themed with a truly beautiful attention to detail: LA, New York, Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park and Madagascar. All of the zones were cool, but the coolest thing was that it was like each of us had our own personal zone!

Sarah’s house: New York

New York is my house because it has Sesame Street AND all the retro-ness!!!!!!! I was so excited I couldn’t stand still πŸ™‚

2016-12-06 16.49.20.jpg

We had lunch in a drive-in diner.

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the dream team assembles // days 1-2.

The past week Caleb and Becca have been visiting me! We have been up to many antics and I literally took more than 1000 photos which is a lot.

Day One / 1st DecΒ 

I had my last exam on this morning, and Caleb and Becca had already arrived the night before, so I ubered over as soon as I finished to meet them because I was so excited that I couldn’t possibly wait for the train! We have all been staying together at the Pois, which has been a fun time!

2016-12-01 19.49.42.jpg

Glen was home because he’s actually quite sick, but he made it out of the house to have lunch with us, which was nice πŸ™‚ We went for waffles at Craftsmen Coffee!

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oh hey there melaka.

A week and a half ago (the 29th of November, if you were wondering), my flatmates and I took a day trip out to Malacca in Malaysia! We really wanted to go on an adventure together before we all moved out, and going to an adventure in ANOTHER COUNTRY is twice as exciting! It was a really great time and we all felt like we could have stayed for much much longer – it’s such a cool and colourful place πŸ™‚

2016-11-29 15.58.46.jpg

Crossing over to Malaysia – an exciting part of the 5+ hour bus trip!


On another bus to get to the town centre – almost there!! This bus was very interesting becauseΒ there was no bus driver when we got there. Everyone just got on the bus, and then when the bus was full of people the bus driver arrived and went around the bus collecting change for the tickets, and then we were off!

This is a very interesting, vibrant place – it was colonised and occupied by a variety of nations at different times, and the unique combination of influences on the architecture and surroundings have lead to almost the entirety of Melaka City being named a UNESCO world heritage site.

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the christmas tree lights at the end of the exam tunnel.

Exams are nearly behind me, and I can see glimmers of Christmas! It’s a promising time! I had my second to last exam today, and although my last one (on Thursday) is my trickiest one I CAN SEE THE END. The past weekend wasΒ a quite good combination of nice study times and beginnings of Christmassy things.

On Saturday, Migle and I went on a marathon studying cafe-crawl πŸ™‚ We studied in cafes from 1pm until midnight! It was a fun time and we had a lot of delicious noms and were also very productive, so it was a very successful day in all respects!


Chocolate cake at Toby’s Estate.

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latest adventures in nature / art / my brain.

2016-11-15-22-07-39CLASSES ARE OVERRRR! I am now on study break, which is quite nice for me, since my exams are quite spread out and also late in the exam period, so I’ve been able to take a few days to rest and recuperate a little πŸ™‚ Actually everyone here is studying very madly – they had to open up more 24 hour study spaces because all of the existing ones were not enough! But! Rest is important too! Or so I am trying to keep in mind anyway πŸ˜‰ So, with that said, here are some relaxing activities I got up to in the past week πŸ™‚ Continue reading

nana and grandad are here! // part one.

The past week my Nana and Grandad have been visiting in Singapore! Despite it being a so called “hell week” at NUS (yes, that is an actual turn of phrase here, the assignments get that mad!), we managed to do SO MUCH STUFF together, so that was really really nice πŸ™‚ It was so lovely to have them here, and to be able to show them around, and just to see them πŸ™‚ ❀ Here’s what we got up to πŸ™‚


2016-10-28 20.37.41.jpg


Nana and Grandad got here Friday before last – I had a pretty crazy day of classes, but we met up for Pontien noodles for lunch which is one of the yummiest foods of all time! We skyped Mum and Dad too, as you can see πŸ˜‰

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