creative retreat // days two – seven.

Welp okay so things are getting a little better I think but it is slow going! But today I am having another good day so I am back to the blog and here to update you! 🙂 Here’s what Mum and I have been getting up to on our creative retreat. First here is a photo of our creative space!


day two 

On this day my brother Micah arrived for a couple of days stay! We looked around Arab Street and Haji Lane (side note: a creative arty sort of area 😉 ). Then we ate bak kut teh for lunch 🙂

2017-03-30 17.38.35.jpg

Also, I drew these eyes and painted them with watercolours:IMG_20170330_190232101.jpg

day three

On this day I didn’t really feel so fab so I couldn’t go out much with Micah but I did draw these characters from the DC Bombshells comics 🙂


Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane (BATWOMAN).


My rendition of Maggie.



day four

On this day we took Micah to Sentosa! We rode the cable car, went to the S.E.A Aquarium and went to Din Tai Fung for dinner 🙂


DIY pancakes for lunch.

2017-04-01 22.09.43.jpg

Conversations with fish.

2017-04-01 22.30.09-1.jpg

Many the fish

2017-04-01 23.12.50.jpg


2017-04-01 23.16.11-1.jpg

More jellies.

2017-04-02 02.26.09.jpg

Slippery floor sign outside the cable car.

Also I drew this girl.2017-04-05 19.09.18 v2.jpg

day five


Mum and I walked to The Providore for lunch.


We watched The Flash and ate strawberry tart.


It was yum.

day six

We went to the psychiatrist, we bought cute melamine things, and we watched the original Disney Cinderella and the live action Disney Cinderella in a row. It reminded me to “have courage and be kind” 🙂

day seven

We went to the psychologist and then we watched turtles.20170404_140938.jpg

We all had a nap.


Puds napped the longest!

We went to Marche for dinner.



Then we went to see a movie called Suddenly 20 which was kind of bad but anyway there was this cool Guardians of the Galaxy poster thing outside 🙂


Also we saw this amusing ad!


For all you midday nappers out there.

And now we are up to today! I’m going to get out of bed now and go for a swim 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely day readers! 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “creative retreat // days two – seven.

  1. surfsurfcrazy says:

    OMG gurl you are so good at drawing and painting? Those eyes are so cool! So many expressions! Wow! And all the other pictures are so good too! I’m glad the comic book is a good source of inspiration 🙂 You’ve been doing so many fun things! I love the banana sign! I would like to work there as a custodian and have a plushie hat version of it to wear on my head while I do mopping! 🙂 And hahahaha maybe Glen should check out the zen zone 😛


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