creative retreat // day one.

MY PALS. Sorry for doing a little disappearing act on ya 😉 The past few months have been an intense mish mash of mostly a lot of blurry yuck stuff (but some good stuff happened too, and I’m gonna blog about the nice things soon!) – basically it is very hard to maintain a blog when depression and anxiety are all busy bothering you. The good news is, I am getting really good help now, and I’m on a course of anti-depressants which fiiiiinally (I hope? Fingers crossed and pretty please?) seem to be kicking in, and my lovely family, friends and boyfriend are supporting me through this. Things aren’t quite better yet, but I am hopeful that they are maybe starting to be a little bit better (I’m sitting here writing this blog, aren’t I!) and any steps are good steps!

I had to exit my exchange programme early, but I’m still in Singapore and working on getting to a bit of a better place before I make a transition to move back home. My mum came over many manyyyy weeks ago, and is here looking after me still, so at the moment she and Glen and I are a sort of crime fighting unit against my arch-nemises Depression and Anxiety, those big baddies 😛

Anyway, now that I’m officially no longer a student here (I changed my student pass into a social visit pass actually today), Mum came up with this idea of us taking a Creative Retreat. I actually feel excited about this (YAYYY EMOTION RE-UNLOCKED! 😛 ) so that is nice. We checked into the Swissotel yesterday which is super chill and nice so we’re setting our room up as a creative space and we’re just gonna stay here a while and recoup 🙂 So today was DAY ONE of our Creative Retreat and anyway this is what happened today and you know what I think I’m just gonna do bullet points now cause writing all that was hard work and now its bullet point time 😉

  • So we slept in 🙂
  • Then we watched the Flash cause we were lazy to move and mum’s watching season one for the first time and she’s dying to know what’s up with Harrison Wells 😛
  • We did some swimming and ate some lunch by the pool
  • Then we went to the ICA and sorted out my pass so I can stay in the country (side note: this was at Lavender MRT, so I can tick off a new MRT station!)
  • Then we got coffee and cake and this bit is cool:
  • IMG_20170329_171948200.jpg
  • THIS PLACE was suuuuper rad. We got this coffee which had a rain cloud of candy floss that gradually rained sugar into the coffee and it was basically the most creative coffee ever thus an excellent start to the Creative Retreat 😉
  • IMG_20170329_164612597.jpg
  • IMG_20170329_165305144_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_20170329_170452216.jpg
  • Then we went to my favourite art supplies store, Overjoyed, and bought many supplies for our creative times ahead!
  • And then we were tired so we came back and got room service and then had like a 10 minute swim and watched Supergirl and now I’m writing this and honestly this is probably the day I’ve felt most like me since sometime last year so that is so nice 🙂 I know it’s not just gonna stay like this and suddenly be all smooth sailing, and I know there’s gonna be ups and downs, but today was good, and that is a step somewhere in the right direction 🙂
  • 2017-03-30 01.05.20.jpg

Catch ya tomorrow for day two of the Creative Retreat! Goodnight, and thanks for being there 🙂



3 thoughts on “creative retreat // day one.

  1. Julie Wilson says:

    “Any step is a good step…” I love it! Yes Sarah, you’re so right! Loving you from afar and delighted with your progress. I’m going to take your advice …any step is a good step… into my life. 😊


  2. Yvonne Bindon says:

    Grandad and I are very proud of you Sarah and really LOVE that you are feeling calm, relaxed and creative. Hopefully you will feel like your Creative Retreat is a holiday – a well deserved one at that.


  3. surfsurfcrazy says:

    Omg I totally didn’t think about the full genius of the cotton candy cloud last night! The steam and heat from the coffee will make it rainy and dripy! That’s so so cool :O What beautiful science 🙂 I’m so glad you had a lovely day and I hope Day 2 of the creative retreat is just as wonderful 🙂 *hugs*


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