christmas days.

image-0-02-06-2c2e7b6df94ff732f501ec806b75a4aa0017966d1428e647931e8b1b9dba72c2-vMERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS LOVELY PEOPLE 🙂 ❤

In New Zealand, our Christmas celebrations pretty finish up at the end of Christmas day – every year, in the couple of days after Christmas, my family packs up as many Christmas decorations as we can bear to and then we head off to go camping at the beach. Basically the entire country takes a holiday until at least the 4th of January, so there’s this sudden transition from Christmas to beach holiday! My family also celebrates Christmas to the fullest – so our Christmas day is the most jam-packed celebratory time you can imagine, as we try to fit all of our celebrations into one single wonderful day. Continue reading