japan holiday day 8 / nearby wonders.

This was the last day of our Japan trip! Our flight back to Singapore was at midnight so we had a full day to fill with whatever we liked. I personally had two things I wanted to do on this day: a) buy a whole lot more stationery, and b) try the hot baked apple drink at Starbucks 😛 (I know, I know, Starbucks is everywhere and all that but Starbucks in other places don’t have hot baked apple drinks and also hot baked apple drinks in winter at Christmas time was just something I had to do!). The rest of the gang also had a few last things they wanted to buy and shops they wanted to see, and so we decided to explore our local area around our hotel and have a look for things!

2016-12-23 18.08.19.jpg

So many cool streets!!!

We went to a stationery shop that had 6 floors and I fulfilled my dreams of buying several brush pens, more washi tape and lots of planner-making supplies!

2016-12-23 18.10.27.jpg

I gotta admit, this made me jump a tiny bit when I first noticed it 😆

2016-12-23 18.23.18.jpg

I got a strawberry crepe which was very sweet but very yum!

2016-12-23 20.28.39.jpg

A little alleyway where we had a lunch of delicious Japanese skewers called yakitori!

We looked around a few more shops – while Glen went to get some tea and the others went to look for clothes, I got wonderfully lost in the 8 floors of Kinokunia, a book wonderland. I bought a really cute book on beginner’s conversational Japanese – next time I visit you Japan, I will know more words than just ‘arigatou’!

Then I met Glen at Starbucks (where he was getting his tea) and I got my baked apple drink! I did another sketch while we waited for the family, but I forgot to take a photo and I don’t have my sketchbook with me right now so I will add it into this post when I get home later!! 😛

2016-12-23 23.37.36.jpg

For our last dinner here we had udon! I was very excited because I love udon 🙂 So slurpy and delicious 🙂

2016-12-24 00.58.00.jpg

We caught a shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport. Here’s a photo of Glen and I just before we left!

Because it was a midnight flight, most people just went straight to sleep. Neither Glen or I are that good at sleeping on planes though (for Glen this is a plane-specific problem, for me it is a anywhere problem 😛 ) – so we were pretty much the only people awake!

2016-12-24 04.01.51.jpg

I opened up my tub of Japanese chewing gum on the plane, and there were some free post-it notes inside! How adorable!


2016-12-24 06.12.16.jpg

We watched the new Ghostbusters movie together, which was so great! We both really loved it and we couldn’t stop laughing – trying so hard not to wake the other passengers up!

2016-12-24 06.11.56.jpg

We had a midnight feast of sushi that we got from the airport, and this really nice flight attendant brought us some matcha tea to go with it! Being the only people awake definitely has perks 😉

After our movie we both actually managed to get some sleep, and we arrived home very very early on the morning of Christmas Eve! What a lovely holiday 🙂 I feel so lucky to be with the Pois and to have been able to experience a wintery, Christmassy Japan 🙂 ❤


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