japan holiday day 7 / the happiest place on earth.

On the 22nd everybody parted ways – Uncle Mel was meeting a friend for lunch, Auntie Carol and Vera wanted to do some shopping, and Glen and I… went to Disneyland Tokyo!!! We had a magical day; it was really, really great. While the entire holiday was, of course, marvellous, I had been dealing with some really horrible bouts of depression and anxiety on a daily (ugh and nightly 😛 ) basis, and escaping to the world of Disney for a day was just lovely.

Also – Disneyland at Christmas time?! So cool 😊 Here’s a lil preview of what the night time looked like hehe CAUSE I’M TOO EXCITED TO WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THIS POST 😛

2016-12-23 00.02.42.jpg


The first thing we did when we arrived was to get some green tea and sit down and eat our breakfast 🙂 An ALARMINGLY LARGE CROW affronted me which caused me to spill my tea everywhere and in the confusion that ensued to put my phone in my back pocket without realising, which we then looked for for quite a while, but anyway then we found it in my pocket and got more tea and the staff were all very nice about it 🙂 Anyway, for this incident I fully blame Malificent. I’m quite sure it was actually her raven.

Anyway, AFTER THAT, we were just in time for the Christmas Parade!

2016-12-22 14.53.52.jpg

It was super fun 🙂

2016-12-22 15.01.04.jpg

There were lots of characters and princesses and everyone is an expert at smiling 🙂

2016-12-22 15.02.51 - Copy.jpg

Here’s Pluto with a Christmas hat on.

2016-12-22 15.03.05.jpg

And some friendly reindeer!

2016-12-22 15.03.24.jpg

And Mickey of course! There were lots of cute songs and they taught us some fun dance moves. Everything is entirely in Japanese of course so we had no idea what any of the characters were saying (except for arigatou, which means thank you. This is (currently 😛 ) the limit of my Japanese) – but this did not diminish our enjoyment one iota 🙂

2016-12-22 15.04.37.jpg

I loved these stained glass window costumes! So beautiful!

The next important thing to do was obviously to buy some form of headwear. Because ENORMOUS BOWS and PRINCESSES 😛 I chose Rapunzel because she’s the coolest and has gumption and spunk and is strong and faces her fears and I think she’s great 🙂 Glen could not be persuaded into purchasing elaborate headwear, which I put down to there being no Flynn Ryder merchandise and OBVS he wanted to be the Flynn to my Rapunzel (this is actually unlikely since he hasn’t watched Tangled ~yet~ so probably doesn’t actually know who Flynn is but shhhhhh). Actually, now that I think about it, WE ARE FLYNN AND RAPUNZEL. I mean:

There are some definite similarities there 😛

After the important headwear purchase it was time for some rides!!

2016-12-22 15.21.27.jpg

We started with Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which was really cool because there is this lantern lit restaurant ACTUALLY IN THE RIDE ITSELF! We thought we would go there for dinner but turns out you have to make reservations quite a while in advance, so that didn’t work out! 😆 But it was still super cool to look at!

2016-12-22 15.58.15.jpg

Next we went on this Jungle Safari ride, which was actually one of my favourite things of the whole day just because of this really excellent lady who was the Safari tour guide. Of course we didn’t know what she was saying, but she was maybe one of the merriest people I have ever encountered. I have never seen anybody so joyful about lions who are going to eat a zebra, or humans running away from tigers. It was very entertaining.

2016-12-22 16.04.32.jpg

There were lots of different kinds of popcorn around the place! We tried a couple of kinds – this one was very interesting, but we liked the honey one better!

2016-12-22 16.17.58.jpg

Us in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house 🙂

2016-12-22 16.55.15.jpg

Then off to Peter Pan!

2016-12-22 17.15.51.jpg

I love this ride because I love the bit where you’re just flying through the stars 🙂 I could fly through the stars all day!

We finished the Peter Pan ride just as another parade was starting – The Happiest Parade on Earth!

2016-12-22 17.23.22.jpg

Why hello there Aladdin!

2016-12-22 17.24.00.jpg

Aurora, Belle and Cinderella!

2016-12-22 17.25.03.jpg

An enormous Queen of Hearts.

2016-12-22 17.25.53.jpg

Friends from the Hundred Acre Wood!

2016-12-22 17.26.41.jpg

Daisy is as excited as I am 🙂

2016-12-22 17.27.22.jpg

And so is Minnie!

We were getting hungry again so we stopped for lunch at the Orleans Cafe! They were playing different kinds of Christmas music around the park to thematically match the different zones – in Orleans Cafe they were playing Christmas jazz! They even played Christmas Time in New Orleans by my good ol’ pal Louis, which made me happy 🙂


Anyway, there we had some delicious crepes! I had an apple, cinnamon and raisin one 🙂

There was a cool stationery shop with so much Disney stationery! Even washi tape!! So exciting 🙂 We got a lot of postcards to send to all the kids back home, and then Glen and I had a big postcard writing session at a little cafe!

2016-12-22 19.19.34.jpg

Glen sticking stamps.

2016-12-22 19.27.18.jpg

I felt like a professional Disney mail person 😛

We stopped to have a little look at the Queen of Heart’s banquet hall, where we fully intended to return for dinner, but it was so crowded at dinner time that we couldn’t even get in! (THWARTED AGAIN on the dinner front… did Maleficent have anything to do with this?! 😛 ) Anyway, luckily we took some photos when we popped in to have a look around, because it was so cool!

Just like Wonderland!!! When we popped back out it was suddenly pouring with rain, so we took shelter in my favourite ride of all – It’s a Small World!!

2016-12-22 20.08.19.jpg


2016-12-22 20.15.05.jpg


Then to a cool 3D music time – Mickey’s PhilharMagic!

2016-12-22 20.54.25.jpg

Prettyyyyy 🙂

2016-12-22 20.36.29.jpg

We enjoyed some great puns while waiting 😛

2016-12-22 20.39.46 2.jpg

The coolest thing about this show was that it used so many of our favourite Disney songs – but they were all in Japanese! It was very fun 🙂

After a few more rides we went to grab some dinner! Since dinner plans #1 and #2 both fell through, we opted for dinner plan #3…

2016-12-22 22.32.27 2.jpg

Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe!

2016-12-22 22.07.09.jpg

We both thought it was funny how our level of fanciness dropped with each dinner attempt – but this box of food was so adorable and Toontown was so fun so we felt like it worked out really well!

2016-12-22 22.09.11.jpg

Glen with his Mickey glove burger 😛

By this time the rain and also extreme wind were well underway – which meant that the Electric Lights night parade and also the fireworks had to be cancelled, which was a bit sad. We also didn’t see any characters walking about during the day, which we thought might also be because of the weather! But what’s a little inclement weather to Rapunzel and Flynn? 😛 We had a great time going on some more rides and buying lots of presents!

The streets were super pretty at night!

Then it was time for the Once Upon a Time lights show! This was a whole light show projected onto the Fantasyland Castle and it was so cool and I took about a trillion photos because it was so pretty, but I’ll spare you that and just offer you these four 😊

2016-12-23 01.08.07.jpg

Us with the castle!

The last ride we went on was Winnie the Pooh! This had enormous queues all day, but cause we went last thing we didn’t have to wait too long! I understand why it has such long queues, it was so fun 🙂 We went through the Hundred Acre Wood and bounced with Tigger and met a whole lot of Heffalumps and Woozles!

2016-12-23 01.33.13.jpg

The entrance to the ride!

2016-12-23 01.35.34.jpg

To queue you walk through this enormous Winnie the Pooh book. It was so cool that Glen actually thought that this bit WAS the ride, and was very surprised to find out there was more when we got to the end of the queue 😛

And finally, our last stop before Disneyland went to sleep for the day – cake and tea at The Sweetheart Cafe! In another dramatic turn of events, the totally insane wind actually blew my full cup over, and hot tea went EVERYWHERE, including all over me! Fortunately I had packed some thermals in my bag in case it got cold, so I went off and got changed into those and the lovely people at the cafe gave me more tea (again!) 😛 What can I say, I like to keep things in balance… spilling tea at the start and the end of the day just seemed a good way to bookmark our Disney time, you know 😛 We tried to take a sweetheart-ish selfie but we were pretty terrible at it but anyway here’s our best attempt 😛

I was a bit sad to leave but happy after such a lovely day!

2016-12-23 02.39.07.jpg

It looks so pretty even in the rain :O

2016-12-23 02.46.38.jpg

On the bus back to the hotel at about 11pm!

Thank you Disneyland for all of the smiles and magic 🙂


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