japan holiday day 6 / oh hi again, tokyo.

It’s time to say bye to Karuizawa and catch the train back to Tokyo!

Before we go, here’s the view from our window in Karuizawa:

2016-12-21 14.43.27.jpg

Just look at that frozen pond 😲

We went back to the crazy outlet area near the train station before we left, and did a bit more shopping, and took a few more photos of our beautiful surroundings!

2016-12-21 16.38.15.jpg

Glen taking a photo of Uncle Mel and Auntie Carol.

2016-12-21 16.42.39.jpg

Cute decorations on the tree in the train station!

After we got back to our old friend, Keio Plaza Hotel, in Tokyo – we headed out to Harajuku for… you guessed it… some more shopping! πŸ˜› There’s this really cool street called Takeshita Street, which along with its neighbouring streets, sells cool, affordable indie and vintage stuffs. This is very much my domain – there are even MULTIPLE SOCK SHOPS down this street. I may or may not have bought eight pairs of socks. What?! Socks are useful! πŸ˜›

2016-12-21 21.22.58.jpg

The very bustling Takeshita Street.

2016-12-21 21.28.37.jpg

There was a McDonalds there which didn’t really look like a McDonalds and I got a tiramisu McFlurry which was amaze.

2016-12-21 23.07.19.jpg

Some cool lights at a shop entrance.

2016-12-21 23.07.32.jpg

All the cool lights!

I bought a cool cropped bomber jacket, which was great, because I have a big thing for bomber jackets but I’ve never actually owned one? And Glen and I found a GLORIOUS vintage dress shop called G2? (the question mark isn’t cause I don’t fully remember, G2? is just the name of the shop), where Glen got me part of my Christmas present, which you will just have to wait for my Christmas blog post to see πŸ˜‰

After our shopping trip, we headed back to Shinjuku, where we visited our local haunts, the friendly oden and ramen guy, and the 24-hour sushi shop, for a late dinner!

2016-12-22 03.45.17.jpg

Sushi time!

2016-12-22 04.22.53.jpg

Pretty packaging containing the day’s purchases!




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