japan holiday day 4 / the train to karuizawa.

Today we’re off to spend a couple of days in Karuizawa, a small town north of Tokyo, in the Nagano province! It is a WINTER WONDERLAND and I am VERY EXCITED.

First up, before we go, here’s a day time view from our hotel window in Tokyo!

2016-12-19 14.33.02.jpg

See ya in a couple of days, Tokyo!

2016-12-19 15.59.02.jpg

A cute cafe that we got some tea from at Tokyo Central station 🙂

2016-12-19 16.23.50.jpg

We also got some delicious noms for lunch!

2016-12-19 16.16.54.jpg

The fancy bullet train we took to Karuizawa!

2016-12-19 16.55.41.jpg

Vera getting settled in on the train 🙂

2016-12-19 17.15.33.jpg

I decided to do some sketch journaling – Glen took this arty shot of my supplies 🙂


Sketch from the train 🙂

2016-12-19 20.15.44.jpg



It’s all so pretty that I had to do another sketch when we got to the hotel! This is the view from the foyer.

2016-12-19 20.55.02.jpg

After dropping our things at the hotel we went to the Prince Shopping Plaza which is this simply enormous outdoor outlet mall. We were there for a few hours and only got around about a third of it! It was very pretty and fun. Glen bought some shirts from Ralph Lauren, and I bought two Bobbi Brown lipsticks and it was all very cheap and nice. What good purchases!

2016-12-19 21.32.55.jpg

Lights reflected in a super still semi-frozen lake.

2016-12-20 00.11.07.jpg

We had sukiyaki for dinner which was a delicious antidote to the cold! 

This hotel also has a bath and there are these bath powders here which smell nice and make your bath pretty colours so that is cool! I had a pink rosewood scented bath tonight! Yay baths!!

AGAIN WITH THE ANXIETY TODAY GOSH, very over it. But I’m feeling warm and good about things again tonight, and happy to be here 🙂 Excited for more fun wintery Christmas times tomorrow! We are going ICE SKATING ON A FROZEN LAKE IN A FOREST in the morning… is this a book? Is this a movie? Is this a Christmas card?! I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

More updates tomorrow! 🙂 ❤


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