japan holiday day 2 / a birthday and a good wander.

Today was Vera’s birthday! We ate a lot of food and explored Tokyo πŸ™‚

We started the day with some yummy noodles and beef.

2016-12-17 15.59.31.jpg

The streets near our hotel (in Shinjuku) by day.

2016-12-17 16.12.09.jpg

Om nom!

2016-12-17 16.47.58.jpg

We caught a lot of trains today! They have these cute ticket machines when you enter the station – you put your ticket in one side of the barrier and then it zooms out to the other side before you can even blink πŸ˜›

First stop – Tsukiji!

2016-12-17 18.16.24.jpg

We had lunch atΒ Tsukiji Fish Market!

2016-12-17 18.31.56.jpg

Many seagulls!!!

2016-12-17 19.10.17.jpg

Some pretty wintery trees.

2016-12-17 19.15.58.jpg

Around the fish market are lots of cool streets with cute shops and places to eat!

Then off to the Tokyo Christmas Market!

2016-12-17 20.05.16.jpg

We walked past this cool temple.

2016-12-17 20.04.53.jpg

I liked this sign outside that says “How wonderful this encountering is!”

2016-12-17 20.30.18.jpg

Us at the Christmas market!

2016-12-17 20.34.07.jpg

There were lots and lots of stalls with pretty decorations on top.

2016-12-17 20.53.00.jpg

We stopped by Starbucks – they have different Christmas drinks here! My throat was really sore, so I just wanted a nice yuzu tea, but I’m definitely trying the baked apple latte before we leave Japan! πŸ˜‰

2016-12-17 21.24.34.jpg

Pretty lights outside a hotel we passed.

Back to the train station – heading off to Omotesando to do some shopping now!

2016-12-17 22.00.16.jpg

Christmas cupcakes in the train station.

2016-12-17 22.13.40.jpg

There are champagne coloured fairy lights wrapped right around to the tips of the branches of each tree down this street, as far as the eye can see!

2016-12-17 22.13.04.jpg

So so pretty!!!

2016-12-19 05.06.56.jpg

We found a sheet music shop and I bought this cute book of piano solo mash ups of Disney princess songs with Christmas carols!! How cool!!!

2016-12-17 23.13.52.jpg

A cute street we shopped down!

And back to Shinjuku!

2016-12-18 00.32.54.jpg

Artsy train reflection selfie πŸ˜›

2016-12-18 01.05.51.jpg

While Glen and Vera went back to drop some things to the hotel, I got some dumplings with Auntie Carol and Uncle Mel πŸ˜›

2016-12-18 01.57.56.jpg

Then we went out for Vera’s birthday dinner! We went to this cool little place near our hotel, where the tables are sunk into the ground and you cook your own meat! Very exciting and fun and also smokey πŸ˜›

After dinner, Vera, Glen and Uncle Mel went out to play darts for a while, but since I wasn’t feeling the flashest I decided to head back and take a nice long bath and jump into bed. The bath was very exciting!!! I haven’t had a bath since I was in New Zealand, and I miss baths a lot! I love baths! So that was a great time πŸ™‚

2016-12-18 03.44.52.jpg

The view from our window. Goodnight Tokyo!



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