japan holiday day 1 / hello tokyo.


I am on holiday with Glen and his family for the next week in Japan! It is all very exciting. We are here until Christmas Eve, which is pretty crazy! I’ve never had a winter Christmas before (or build up to Christmas anyway 😛 ), and our chances of getting snow are looking pretty high which is WILD. Fingers crossed 🙂


On the planeeeee!

Glen and I watched a French rom com together and then we both actually managed to have a nap (wildly surprising!) and then I watched Aladdin while Glen did some work, and that was the whole flight really!

When we arrived in Tokyo it was SIX DEGREES CELSIUS. Which is not like crazy ridiculous amounts of cold or anything, but when you’re fully acclimatised to Singapore’s average of twenty eight, the difference is rather startling. It’s also kind of exciting to be cold though in a weird way?! So novel now haha! It feels SUPER STRANGE 😛


On the bus to the hotel!


Excited, who me?!

We arrived around 7pm, so all we really had time to do was travel out to the hotel and then go out for dinner. We haven’t seen much yet but so far we have eaten really delicious food and seen lots of Christmas lights around the place and also I really love this sort of retro-futuristic aesthetic here. It’s very great.

2016-12-17 01.05.48.jpg

One of the streets we went down for dinner!

2016-12-17 01.35.29.jpg

Dinner #1: We were too hungry to remember to take pre-eating photos! It was really delicious. Among other things, we had…

2016-12-17 01.45.55.jpg

THE MOST DELICIOUS GRILLED FISH IN JAPAN 😛 Which did not disappoint, it was truly melt in your mouth delicious.

2016-12-17 02.27.00.jpg

Dinner #2: Sushi and sashimi! Glen is so happy 🙂

2016-12-17 02.17.53.jpg

This dish was called “Comparing tastes of tuna” and it was very nice!

2016-12-17 03.12.46.jpg

After dinner, both Glen and I bought these slightly medicinal seeming vitamin C lemon fizzy drinks?! Because unfortunately we both have nasty sore throats! This drink was quite yummy 🙂

2016-12-17 03.02.48.jpg

Wintery Christmas lights!

And that was day one! The adventures continue tomorrow!


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