the dream team travels across worlds // day 6.

Day Six / 6th Dec


Sentosa Island is a place I had not really been to – not properly anyway – the only time I had been there was when Glen and I went to that wedding, but since we just drove straight to the hotel and it was nighttime I don’t think it properly counts!

Sentosa has MANY things to do, way more than you could see in one day! We spent our day at Universal Studios, which is SO GOOD, and you can definitely spend a whole day there!!

We set off early and made our way over!

We’re hereeee! Universal Studios Singapore has 6 zones which are themed with a truly beautiful attention to detail: LA, New York, Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park and Madagascar. All of the zones were cool, but the coolest thing was that it was like each of us had our own personal zone!

Sarah’s house: New York

New York is my house because it has Sesame Street AND all the retro-ness!!!!!!! I was so excited I couldn’t stand still 🙂

2016-12-06 16.49.20.jpg

We had lunch in a drive-in diner.

2016-12-06 17.23.04.jpg


2016-12-06 19.03.01.jpg

Then a little stroll down the New York streets took us to the place where the air is sweet…

2016-12-06 19.13.32.jpg

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS I finally reached my life long dream of getting to Sesame Street!!!

2016-12-06 17.59.42.jpg

All our friends were there, and I got to hug my best pal Cookie 🙂

2016-12-06 19.27.20.jpg

There were Sesame Street shops…

2016-12-06 17.58.03.jpg

… look this one is in a hat!

2016-12-06 19.28.08.jpg

This one is in a bus!

2016-12-06 18.27.12.jpg

I even found out where Cookie Monster buys his cookies!

2016-12-06 19.08.25.jpg

I bought a cookie to eat with Cookie Monster of course 🙂

2016-12-06 17.57.58.jpg

We helped our furry friends bring spaghetti back to earth on the Spaghetti Space Chase!

2016-12-06 18.15.28.jpg


2016-12-06 18.20.29.jpg

Ahhh it is all so great 🙂

2016-12-06 18.12.48.jpg


2016-12-06 19.29.24.jpg

We found the Rockefeller Centre! Hmm wait, what’s that passageway inside…?

2016-12-06 19.31.11.jpg

Why, I do believe this is a magical secret passage in the middle of the Rockefeller Centre!! Where could it possibly lead???

2016-12-06 19.31.31.jpg


2016-12-06 19.36.41.jpg

We watched Mrs Claus make some amazing baked goods.

2016-12-06 19.45.09.jpg

And we made friends with a helpful shoemaker and a very cheeky elf! I expect my yellow elf shoes with bells on them, size 258, to arrive in the mail any day now 😛

New York was amazing during the day, but let’s skip ahead a little and take a look at New York by night too shall we? 🙂


2016-12-07 01.01.52.jpg

Then we got to watch Marilyn perform Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Oh man, fake New York. You’re pretty fab.

On to the next zone!

Caleb’s house: Sci-Fi City

2016-12-06 19.55.59.jpg

Here we are!

2016-12-06 19.59.08.jpg

Caleb located the All Spark.

2016-12-06 20.23.11.jpg

This is a cafe?!

2016-12-06 20.37.07.jpg

We met Bumblebee…

2016-12-06 21.01.01.jpg

He was so excited to meet us he transformed right away 😛

2016-12-07 01.15.29.jpg

Sci Fi City by night.

An Interlude: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was an unexpected surprise – it was insanely good. What made it so excellent was the fact that it was very disconcertingly meta. It wasn’t a Jurassic Park themed section of Universal Studios, it was ACTUALLY JURASSIC PARK. Well, not actually. But it fooled us pretty good 😛 The most confusing was when you go on the rides, which have their own storylines, and you realise that you’re in a story within a story within a story and suddenly what’s real and what’s not becomes very confusing!! Like the rescue equipment beside the river rapids ride. Real? Fake? So confusing!!! Another thing they did an excellent job of was making it look all fun by day and pretty spooky by night!



I don’t know about you but I’m feelin like maybe I won’t put my head there at night 😛

Becca’s house: Far Far Away

2016-12-06 23.24.23.jpg

Welcome to Becca’s land!

The Fairy Godmother had a great shop there!

2016-12-06 23.35.44.jpg

The lights were all very pink!

2016-12-06 23.27.41.jpg

And there were many potions for sale!

2016-12-07 01.27.56.jpg

It looks really cool at night too!

2016-12-07 00.19.31.jpg

Here’s Becca at Shrek’s place!

WOW UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. You exceeded our expectations. What an excellent time!


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