the dream team parties on // days 7, 8 & 9.

Day Seven / 7th Dec

Let the shopping adventures begin!

We started the day with lunch in Tiong Bahru (I LOVE TIONG BAHRU 🙂 ) at a really cool cafe called Forty Hands! I hadn’t tried this one yet, but I’ve heard lots about it and it lived up to its reputation 🙂

2016-12-07 19.31.53.jpg

This is a place for cool hip people like us.

2016-12-07 19.31.14.jpg

They have this delicious soda that tastes kind of like apple pie! You might think, that sounds very sweet and not very nice because I don’t want my soda to taste like pie, but crazy as it sounds, it’s very excellent.

2016-12-07 19.38.07.jpg

Delicious foods.

After brunch, we found a Twelve Cupcakes in the Tiong Bahru mall! (Further proof that Tiong Bahru and I are meant to be 😛 )

2016-12-07 21.35.22.jpg

There was nowhere to sit, so we sat down on the floor next to this Christmas tree and had a little mall picnic 🙂

Then for a brief stop in Chinatown!

2016-12-07 22.02.34.jpg

On a little Christmas shopping mission!

And now, Haji Lane!

2016-12-07 23.53.07.jpg

We had dinner at this cute Mexican place and Caleb accidentally ordered a feast so we had a lot of food hahahaha, it was an excellent time 😆 We got an entree of housemade cornchips and guacamole, and they made the guacamole at the table which was cool! It was very delicious 🙂

Then we went around the corner to the Blu Jaz cafe, to watch The Latecomers’ improv show!

2016-12-08 02.30.44.jpg

It was hilariously funny! We had a really great time!

At this point, we could have just gone home, since it was around 11.30pm… but we thought, why not go in the opposite direction and go to the 2am dessert bar? So that’s what we did! To make things even wilder, we decided to share a 3 course degustation dessert, instead of each ordering our own! This was an excellent decision because it was cheaper and also fancier at the same time 😉 We chose the ‘Playful’ menu, cause that’s the kind of fun people we are! 😛

2016-12-08 04.58.57.jpg

Course 1: Popcorn Passionfruit.

2016-12-08 05.05.40.jpg

Course 2: Chocolate Cake Praline Poprocks.

2016-12-08 05.18.17.jpg

Course 3: Basil White Chocolate Passionfruit.

What a great late night adventure!

Day Eight / 8th Dec

The shopping continues! Today we went to ION Orchard.

2016-12-08 20.11.24.jpg

Trying the traditional Singapore breakfast of kaya toast, eggs and kopi! These two were a bit befuddled by the whole eggs, soy, coconut jam, bread and butter, coffee, condensed milk combo to start with, but once they started eating they understood! 😛


We had a great time mix and matching clothes from the mens and womens floors of the different stores 🙂

2016-12-09 01.15.30.jpg

We went out to Katong for dinner!

After dinner, Caleb and Becca took the ULTIMATE PLUNGE and we had durian and mangosteen for dessert. Hilariously, as we were sitting down with our durian, these American people walked past, and one of them said (at a volume that we could not possibly miss) “ARE THOSE WHITE PEOPLE EATING DURIAN?!” Here are some excellent facial expressions for you to enjoy. They are so vivid, you can almost taste the durian just by looking at these photos of them eating it.



2016-12-09 02.20.04.jpg

The mangosteens were much more of a hit.


When we got home it was very exciting because I got a care package from the GOIS in the mail!


We watched Love Actually and wrapped Christmas presents!

Day Nine / 9th Dec

Today it was time for Becca and Caleb to fly home!

2016-12-09 18.11.00.jpg

Kinetic rain at Changi Airport.

2016-12-09 18.29.46.jpg

Icy drinks at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Thanks for the fun times pals! It was so nice to have you to visit! I had a lovely time 🙂 Many hugs 🙂


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