the dream team goes on a river safari // day 5.

Day Five / 5th Dec

It’s River Safari time! Are you ready?

2016-12-05 19.49.21.jpg

Caleb’s ready.

The Singapore Zoo has three different zones – the normal zoo, which I’ve been to, but then also a River Safari and a Night Safari! We thought we’d give the River Safari a try 🙂 Mostly because IT HAS PANDAS. It was a very excellent zoo that felt like a whole bunch of different parks in one! Here’s some things you can do there:

  1. You can paddle down the world’s 8 great rivers.
  2. You can spend a long time admiring the pandas.



  3. You can go on this log flume ride sort of situation that actually takes you around to look at real animals which is pretty fantastic 🙂


    Our boat and the other guy on our boat.

  4. You can go on a river cruise!
    2016-12-05 22.53.42.jpg

    In these cute boats!

    2016-12-05 22.56.47.jpg

    Here’s us on the river cruise!

    2016-12-05 21.55.15.jpg

    So pretty!

    2016-12-05 23.09.57.jpg

    More prettiness!

  5. You can see manatees! I don’t have any good photos of these guys, but there are many and they are great and so peaceful to watch!

After the River Safari, we went back to the Pois for dinner, and Uncle Mel and Auntie Carol took us on a big dessert adventure!


Trying sugar cane juice, ice kachang, and a jelly and soursop dish that I don’t know the name of!


Then to Udders for some local ice cream!


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