the dream team assembles // days 1-2.

The past week Caleb and Becca have been visiting me! We have been up to many antics and I literally took more than 1000 photos which is a lot.

Day One / 1st Dec 

I had my last exam on this morning, and Caleb and Becca had already arrived the night before, so I ubered over as soon as I finished to meet them because I was so excited that I couldn’t possibly wait for the train! We have all been staying together at the Pois, which has been a fun time!

2016-12-01 19.49.42.jpg

Glen was home because he’s actually quite sick, but he made it out of the house to have lunch with us, which was nice 🙂 We went for waffles at Craftsmen Coffee!

Then Glen went back home to bed and I took Caleb and Becca out to Marina Bay Sands – the mega fancy shopping mall! We went to have a look around and ogle at the general craziness, but the main purpose of our visit was this:



2016-12-01 23.08.32.jpg

Here you can buy really quite terrible drinks for $10 – $20. BUT HEY they come in cute cups!!! (Which you don’t get to keep unless you feel like forking out another $30 BUT HEY).

2016-12-01 23.07.39.jpg

It’s worth it for the ambiance and adventure! I got a Wonder Woman drink and Becca got a Supergirl drink and please notice how they match our seat choices 😛

2016-12-01 23.40.45.jpg

We went outside to look at the Helix Bridge, and Becca cleverly discovered that the red and green lights on the ground have the letters A, C, T & G on them because THEY’RE ACTUALLY DNA BASE PAIRS. I’d never even noticed that before so that was a pretty cool discovery!


Dinner at the Pois!

Day 2 / 2nd Dec 

This day was Gardens by the Bay day! We woke up and ate lunch and then we set off!

2016-12-02 19.54.06.jpg

Back to MBS, where we started our adventure with ice cream from TWG, which was so good 🙂

2016-12-02 20.23.03.jpg

Then we took the rooftop walk to the gardens!

2016-12-02 20.36.47.jpg

Look we found them 🙂

2016-12-02 20.55.39.jpg

We had a little walk around the free entry gardens and took some photos and stuff.

2016-12-02 21.55.32.jpg

And then we went to the Flower Dome! They have an exhibit on at the moment called Merry Medley which is A CHRISTMAS TIME.

2016-12-02 21.48.11.jpg

It was very merry and fun!

2016-12-02 22.00.46.jpg

So much Christmas everywhere!

2016-12-02 23.32.55.jpg

Then we popped back over to MBS – time for some dumplings for dinner at Din Tai Fung!

2016-12-03 01.06.15.jpg

After dinner we walked back again to go to the next dome – the Cloud Forest! Our arrival at the top coincided with misting time, which was very cool! I’ve never seen that before in the several times that I have now been hahaha! 😛

2016-12-03 01.13.01.jpg


It’s time for the next part of the day’s adventure! In December, Gardens by the Bay puts on a Christmas Wonderland that opens at night times, so we decided to go explore and oh my was it great! We met up with Glen after he finished work and set out!

2016-12-03 02.21.21.jpg

Some of the Luminaries under the Supertrees!

2016-12-03 02.30.38.jpg

There were all of these cute little market shops, some selling food like these ones (we got some churros and honey peach lemonade!)…

2016-12-03 02.44.24.jpg

… and some selling cute things like toys and jewellery!

2016-12-03 02.48.46.jpg

But the coolest thing is that on every hour in this place called the Spalleria, there is a blizzard!!! We went there a few minutes early and stood in the middle and waited…

Here’s some more photos of my pals waiting for the snow…

2016-12-03 02.59.06.jpg

And then it started blizzarding!


So much snowwwww!!!

2016-12-03 03.11.10.jpg

There’s a pretty pavilion that has concerts and caroling.

2016-12-03 03.23.34.jpg

And fairground games that taught us that none of us should ever take up gambling 😛

2016-12-03 03.51.19.jpg

And a pretty Christmas tree forest!

2016-12-03 03.54.46.jpg

There’s also an Ice Palace where you can ice skate, go on an ice slide and play in the snow! We ran out of time this time, but it was still super pretty to look at!

2016-12-03 06.26.50.jpg

After Christmas Wonderland closed we met up with my flatmates to hang out for a little while. This big bowl above MBS works like a speaker – if you stand directly on the opposite side from someone, you can talk very quietly into it and they can hear you, even though its so far away!

What an excellent garden day!



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