oh hey there melaka.

A week and a half ago (the 29th of November, if you were wondering), my flatmates and I took a day trip out to Malacca in Malaysia! We really wanted to go on an adventure together before we all moved out, and going to an adventure in ANOTHER COUNTRY is twice as exciting! It was a really great time and we all felt like we could have stayed for much much longer – it’s such a cool and colourful place 🙂

2016-11-29 15.58.46.jpg

Crossing over to Malaysia – an exciting part of the 5+ hour bus trip!


On another bus to get to the town centre – almost there!! This bus was very interesting because there was no bus driver when we got there. Everyone just got on the bus, and then when the bus was full of people the bus driver arrived and went around the bus collecting change for the tickets, and then we were off!

This is a very interesting, vibrant place – it was colonised and occupied by a variety of nations at different times, and the unique combination of influences on the architecture and surroundings have lead to almost the entirety of Melaka City being named a UNESCO world heritage site.


We made it!!!

2016-11-29 20.22.44.jpg

Malacca is filled with colourful trishaws! They have many different themes and play loud and catchy tunes as the people pedal around. I thought these Frozen ones were especially great!

2016-11-29 20.31.00.jpg

Next stop: Jonker Street!

2016-11-29 20.47.05.jpg

We had some delicious fried squid for lunch.

received_1155184597911928 (2).jpeg

We found an ADORABLE cafe called Backlane Coffee.

2016-11-29 21.11.47.jpg

Seriously everything about it was great.

2016-11-29 21.18.33.jpg

I got a Mr Owl iced latte which turned out to be coffee frozen into owl shaped ice cubes, which you then pour your own milk and sugar syrup over, and the coffee melts into it and its all very photo-worthy and cool.

2016-11-29 21.53.31.jpg

Then we went wandering! Here’s a cool alleyway we meandered down.


And some cool wall art we found.


AND THEN WE FOUND THE RIVER. We all fell a little bit in love with it.

2016-11-29 22.01.34.jpg

It is lined with colourful buildings and wall art.


It has cool bridges.

2016-11-29 22.12.17.jpg

Here’s another one.

2016-11-29 20.30.00.jpg

Here’s a view from a bridge.

2016-11-29 22.08.11.jpg

Here’s one of those colourful buildings I was saying about.

2016-11-29 22.11.20.jpg

Here’s another one.

2016-11-29 22.24.32.jpg

And look! Bunting! 

2016-11-29 22.37.51.jpg

Look again! Monkey!

2016-11-30 00.04.12.jpg

And in case you’re somehow not impressed yet… here is the floating mosque on Malacca Straits. We weren’t quite at the right tide to witness the floating illusion, but when the tide is in, the mosque looks like its just sitting on top of the water. Regardless, it was VERYYY beautiful and serene.


It’s a bit out of the city centre; its actually on a little island, so we had to catch an uber out there, but it was definitely worth the detour!

2016-11-30 00.22.00.jpg

When we got back it was night, and oh my, this place ❤


We tried Malaysian chicken rice balls for dinner! It was very yum (but I still like Singapore’s chicken rice best of course 😉 )

2016-11-30 01.20.05.jpg

We followed that up with coconut ice cream 🙂

2016-11-30 00.24.47.jpg

What a pretty time!

We all had such a lovely adventurous day, and I was so glad to be able to spend this time with the lovely Migle and Shao En before our move! It was a very nice end to the semester 🙂

Thank you for having us Melaka! You are very nice and fun and pretty! See you soon I hope!


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