japan holiday day 8 / nearby wonders.

This was the last day of our Japan trip! Our flight back to Singapore was at midnight so we had a full day to fill with whatever we liked. I personally had two things I wanted to do on this day: a) buy a whole lot more stationery, and b) try the hot baked apple drink at Starbucks 😛 (I know, I know, Starbucks is everywhere and all that but Starbucks in other places don’t have hot baked apple drinks and also hot baked apple drinks in winter at Christmas time was just something I had to do!). The rest of the gang also had a few last things they wanted to buy and shops they wanted to see, and so we decided to explore our local area around our hotel and have a look for things!

2016-12-23 18.08.19.jpg

So many cool streets!!!

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japan holiday day 7 / the happiest place on earth.

On the 22nd everybody parted ways – Uncle Mel was meeting a friend for lunch, Auntie Carol and Vera wanted to do some shopping, and Glen and I… went to Disneyland Tokyo!!! We had a magical day; it was really, really great. While the entire holiday was, of course, marvellous, I had been dealing with some really horrible bouts of depression and anxiety on a daily (ugh and nightly 😛 ) basis, and escaping to the world of Disney for a day was just lovely.

Also – Disneyland at Christmas time?! So cool 😊 Here’s a lil preview of what the night time looked like hehe CAUSE I’M TOO EXCITED TO WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THIS POST 😛

2016-12-23 00.02.42.jpg


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japan holiday day 5 / walking in a winter wonderland.

I LOVE KARUIZAWA. This day was such a magical Christmassy day. We’d been crossing our fingers for snow, but unfortunately the weather warmed up just a liiiiittle bit too much! Snow was due on the 24th though, which is nice 🙂 We weren’t there anymore, but I hope Karuizawa did get a white Christmas! 🙂 Anyway, snow or no snow, Karuizawa is this picture-perfect winter wonderland, and being there at Christmas-time just feels like a storybook 🙂


2016-12-20 15.01.32.jpg

We took a very adorable old train out to the Hoshino area.

2016-12-20 15.22.33.jpg

Arriving in Hoshino!

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i’ll be home for christmas.

Not really 😛

But I did a lil cover on my ukulele a couple of days back 😛

Now that the build up to Christmas is really in full swing, I’m missing my family a lot a lot a lot. I’m enjoying hearing about all of their Christmassy stories though – in a happy/sad/but mostly happy sort of way!

I knew right from the get go that being away from home for Christmas would probably be my biggest challenge. It is. I feel super blessed to have the Pois around me, who have welcomed me so completely, which helps a lot! It’s very exciting to be having this wintery Christmas time at the moment. I am trying to be gentle towards myself about coping with anxiety and such through all this, and to enjoy different sorts of wonderful moments, both with my family at home, and here 🙂

I hope your build up to Christmas is going well! ❤ More Tokyo stories coming soon 😉