the christmas tree lights at the end of the exam tunnel.

Exams are nearly behind me, and I can see glimmers of Christmas! It’s a promising time! I had my second to last exam today, and although my last one (on Thursday) is my trickiest one I CAN SEE THE END. The past weekend wasΒ a quite good combination of nice study times and beginnings of Christmassy things.

On Saturday, Migle and I went on a marathon studying cafe-crawl πŸ™‚ We studied in cafes from 1pm until midnight! It was a fun time and we had a lot of delicious noms and were also very productive, so it was a very successful day in all respects!


Chocolate cake at Toby’s Estate.

We started our journey at Toby’s Estate, which had quite a nice feel to it, although it was quite crowded, being around lunchtime on a Saturday. But the people were very nice and they didn’t mind us staying there until around 5pm, so that was friendly πŸ™‚ And this cake was AMAZING it was really more ganache than cake, which I am a big fan of πŸ˜› Migle and I had to team up to finish it, but it was gorgeous.


Nibbles at The Book Cafe.

Next up, a short walk took us to The Book Cafe, an adorable cafe that is full of reading material and couches. It’s very cozy in appearance, but it was quite chilly, so maybe if you intend to settle down and study here for a while, pack a cardi! It is very nice for studying, with a lot of power points, and we had a delicious dinner here!


Walking along the Singapore River.


Such pretty lights!

After dinner we took a slightly longer walk to a cafe called Wanna Cuppa. It took about 20 minutes, but it is a very nice night time walk!


Coffee and macarons at Wanna Cuppa.

This cafe was my most favourite of all! It has 1920s themed decor, and there are TREES inside and beautiful pastries and cute tables and they were playing Christmas jazz music. There are also a few tables with power points, and they are open late. My heart is won πŸ™‚ It’s right opposite the Clarke Quay MRT station, so if you’re around there, you should go soak up this adorableness!

We left just before midnight and caught the last train home! What a great study time! It was nice to have such a great study pal too! πŸ™‚ ❀

Saturday was a study day, but yesterday was a Christmassy day! I was feeling a bit sad at the start, because my family was out at the Santa Parade and Christmas tree cutting back home in Auckland, but Christmassy happenings happened here too and it was very exciting! Glen arrived to pick me up with Christmas cookies in tow that he had just baked for me with his mum, which was very cheering and sweet! Then we went off to our carols choir practice πŸ™‚ We were a bit early so we stopped for some churros at Craftsmen!


Well, I had churros πŸ˜› Glen had salad hehe πŸ˜›

Carols choir was, of course, lovely. And after that, we went to get our Christmas tree! We met Auntie Carol and Vera at the garden centre where the trees have just arrived!

2016-11-27 21.25.17.jpg

Look at these picture book trees!

The trees are shipped in all the way from Oregon. They look quite different to New Zealand Christmas trees – to me these are the Christmas trees of movies and Christmas cards, so it was pretty cool to encounter a whole bunch of them in real life. They have a lovely strong pine smell too!

2016-11-27 21.52.44.jpg

Glen and I with the trees!

2016-11-27 21.55.25.jpg


After we’d chosen a tree, Glen and IΒ were a bit early for church, so we went to ANOTHER cafe, called 21 Street! It was VERY EXCITING, because they had T2 tea, which I’ve never seen in Singapore before! We asked them about it, and they’ve been getting it in from Australia! The coolest thing is, they even have my favourite one, Melbourne Breakfast, which is this beautiful black tea with vanilla.



It was the first Sunday of advent, which means the Christmas candles have started to be lit in church! This Sunday was the candle of Hope. πŸ™‚ I like that one. πŸ™‚

Glen dropped me home after church, and bought me some studying flowers on the way, because he’s the BEST.


They have been helping me study better all day!


We have chocolate and we have tea!

I finished the day with a little bit of last minute exam prep πŸ™‚ Migle and I got out all the K bar chocolate! We both like the pineapple one best, and the raspberry one second! AND, we thought, they’re sort of in Christmassy colours πŸ˜‰

It was a lovely weekend with a lot of nice surprises in it! I’m looking forward to exams finishing up, and to Christmas getting into full swing!



4 thoughts on “the christmas tree lights at the end of the exam tunnel.

  1. Julie Wilson says:

    Hi Sarah – on Sunday I unpacked my Christmas tree and some lights and decorations – I couldn’t hold out to 01 Dec. I chose three lovely decorations for a lady at work who is just beginning to develop her own Christmas traditions. I paid it forward from Yvonne who gave me my very first Christmas decorations (actually handmade) and encouraged me to create new positive memories of Christmas. I will always be so grateful for this and my “second mum”. I’m happy to be joining you as we enter Christmas fun. Love Aunty Julie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yvonne Bindon says:

    It all sounds lovely and Christmassy and I would love it all – with the EXCEPTION of the STUDYING part. Lucky you having a different Christmas experience! Love Nana

    Liked by 1 person

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