nana and grandad are here! // part two.

A few more snaps from last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!


On Wednesday we had a university day! I had a lovely time showing Nana and Grandad around my home-away-from-home 🙂


Eating prata at Flavours, one of the UTown canteens.


It was our last radio show of the semester last week! Our producer Ivy was our guest, and had to do a bit of blind taste testing 😛 Nana and Grandad listened in studio!

2016-11-03 00.09.57.jpg

View from the UTown Residence sky garden.

2016-11-03 01.34.22.jpg

After dinner, we went out to the 2am dessert bar in Holland Village for dessert!! This is “Chocolate H20” which was SO GOOD I can’t even explain!!!



On Thursday, we went to the Singapore Zoo!

2016-11-03 19.14.52.jpg

We had Japanese pizza for lunch, at a market in Choa Chu Kang.

2016-11-03 19.35.23.jpg

On the bus to the zoo!

2016-11-03 20.05.11.jpg

The zoo bathrooms are pretty cool!

2016-11-03 20.39.18.jpg

I was super nervous when I heard that Singapore Zoo had a polar bear. But I am happy to report that the Singapore Zoo is very VERY impressive and the animals have so much space and the right climates and freedom to roam about and they all seem super healthy and well treated, including this guy, who was very happily swimming around the whole time we were standing there 🙂 Many thumbs up, Singapore Zoo 🙂

2016-11-03 21.24.12.jpg

And then, weirdly, I thought I was in New Zealand for a moment?!

2016-11-03 21.33.49.jpg

Dinner time for the chimps!

2016-11-03 22.29.17.jpg

More monkeys! We thought it was funny how the grown up monkeys stopped the baby monkeys from going too far by holding on to their tails! You can see a monkey holding a baby monkey’s tail in this picture!

2016-11-03 22.42.58.jpg

A white tiger. There are no more white tigers left in the wild 😦 It is entirely up to zoos like this one to protect them now! He’s totally eyeing up my camera… or me…



2016-11-05 00.28.39.jpg

We went to Din Tai Fung for dinner – because I couldn’t possibly let Nana and Grandad leave here without trying xiao long bao!

2016-11-05 01.10.29.jpg

After dinner, we went for a walk around the waterfront!

2016-11-05 01.14.01.jpg

It’s nice during the day, but at night everything lights up and gets all magical.

2016-11-05 01.16.37.jpg

It’s a nice spot for an after dinner stroll!


We passed the Merlion.

2016-11-05 01.34.14.jpg

And all of this prettiness 🙂


A rare photo of Glen willingly smiling for the camera 😛

2016-11-05 01.26.17.jpg

Us beside the river!

I had such a lovely time with you here, Nana and Grandad 🙂 It was lovely to be able to show you my places and see your faces! I love you so much ❤