more playgrounds: found.

Yesterday I had no classes, and so I took this opportunity to track down some more of Singapore’s heritage playgrounds! I found three more – in MacPherson, Bishan and Ang Mo Kio! Here are some more photos of playgrounds and playground-hunting related adventures 🙂


First stop: MacPherson, to locate another baby dragon playground!

2016-10-18 20.41.11.jpg

The playground is actually really close to the MRT – but there is so much contruction going on for the extension of the Downtown line that I ended up walking a pretty roundabout route! Which actually was really cool because…

2016-10-18 19.57.08.jpg

… turns out MacPherson is full of cool street art!

2016-10-18 20.10.45.jpg

The Circuit Rd/Pipit Rd HDB area around the dragon playground is especially cool – it is all dedicated to Van Gogh!

2016-10-18 20.06.40.jpg

Here is a nice wall 🙂

2016-10-18 20.03.33.jpg

And a cat contemplating this masterpiece!

2016-10-18 20.28.15.jpg

Mission accomplished! The baby dragon has been found! I like the pink and blue of this dragon 🙂 It is a very cute one!


Next stop: Bishan, where the clock playground can be found!

2016-10-18 21.43.14.jpg

Bishan has some cool patterned buildings!

2016-10-18 21.26.07.jpg

I was ready for an afternoon snack by this point, so I got a watermelon and lemon juice from Junction 8, the mall above Bishan MRT 🙂

2016-10-18 21.29.16.jpg

And this cute Halloween cupcake called Boo!

2016-10-18 21.37.16.jpg

I had my afternoon snack in this cool clock playground! I really like this one – it’s so quirky and colourful!! This one was interesting too, because the rest of the playgrounds have been quite out of the way, but this one is in the middle of a busy area and next to a main road.

Ang Mo Kio

Finally: Ang Mo Kio, the home of the largest dragon playground!

2016-10-18 22.37.31.jpg

The walk to find the playground was very pleasant – Ang Mo Kio is so tree-ey!

2016-10-18 22.10.08.jpg

There is lots of green 🙂

2016-10-18 22.39.23.jpg

I had a nice stroll through the Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East, which is this cool hilly/hedgey/topiary situation!

2016-10-18 22.43.03.jpg

And they have these cute little log seats around the place 🙂

2016-10-18 22.16.28.jpg

TA DA! The huge Ang Mo Kio dragon! This is the final member of the dragon playground family. It’s less famous than its Toa Payoh relation, but it’s just as cool I think! It has two slides and the orange and teal colour scheme is nice too I think 🙂

It’s back to the studying life for a few days for me now! I finally am starting to understand where all the NUS-is-so-hard-so-much-work-who-needs-sleep hype is coming from… it took a while for the semester to heat up, but now that it has, I realise that the assignments DO NOT END 😛 I’m trying my best to do my best, but also to just be on exchange and not get tooooo lost in the studying madness. Other learning experiences are just as important!! (<– what I keep reminding myself 😛 ). SO – I’ll be back with more exploits soon! 😉


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