happy little two monthiversary.


It has been two and a half weeks since my actual two monthiversary of being here in Singapore – BUT, even though I have been quite behind with my blogging, I did have a cupcake celebration on the actual day!

The 22nd of September actually happened during my parents’ stay here – it wasn’t going to, but thanks to their visit being interestingly prolonged, it meant that I was with them on this day! Fortuitously, the mall next to their hotel also had a Twelve Cupcakes in it. Given this turn of events, I think it only makes sense that I will just HAVE to go to Twelve Cupcakes to celebrate every month πŸ˜‰ And it also makes perfect sense, because twelve cupcakes is one flavour for each month of the year, right?!

Mum and I had red velvet cupcakes. Dad, of course, did not have a cupcake, but he joined us for our pool party.


I was very impressed with the lightness of the cupcake, and the delicious cream cheese icing. The little sugar heart was a nice touch too. Good job, Twelve Cupcakes.

My second month here has been an interesting one. I feel a lot more settled in than I did a month ago, and it’s hard for me to believe I’ve only been here two (and a half) months! I’ve made new friends and I’ve become a part of things, and I really feel that I’ve started to put down a few roots πŸ™‚ But even though I’ve felt a lot a lot more settled in, I’ve been having really big struggles with anxiety, which has made every day a bit of a mixed bag πŸ˜› At the endΒ of month two, both my parents and my boyfriend had hard stuff happen too, which was a really hard time.

If this cupcake could talk, I think it would be saying “Wow! Those were some tricky times! But you just made it through two months! Look at you go! And also I have this little sugar heart so I am here to say that you have so much love around you and everything will be okay!” It was nice to be able to share this cupcake time with my parents and think about these things πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “happy little two monthiversary.

  1. Aunty Julie says:

    Sarah – thanks for all the news and cupcake wisdom. It seems like a very growing stretching uncomfortable fun and amazing time – lycra time! May the fun outweigh the stretching… :). Take care mighty traveller. Love Aunty Julie.


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