how to spend a holiday day.

Today was Hari Raya Haji, the Muslim festival of sacrifice, and also therefore a public holiday! I started the day with a nice long sleep in and then had a very lazy morning/really more like early afternoon, which was very nice 🙂 While I was still in my pyjamas it started bucketing down with rain! Since this morning was VERY VERY warm, I thought it would be quite pleasant to go outside and play 🙂 I tried to convince Glen that he would also find this fun, but he didn’t think he would (how strange!! 😛 ), so he stood in the doorway laughing at me and taking photos instead 😛

2016-09-12 18.30.35.jpg

See, very pleasant.

2016-09-12 18.30.47.jpg

You can dance in the puddles and it’s a good time.

2016-09-12 18.34.22.jpg

Glen calls this my lost basketball player/beggar look.

Tonight we went out to the ‘Fantastic Thai Market’ at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway station. This station was part of a rail route from Malaysia that closed in 2011 – but it’s hard to believe that this station only closed 5 years ago. It has a slightly eerie, deserted feel to it, even when it’s packed with people!! But it was really cool, and fun to be able to step into a bit of (albeit recent) history like that 🙂 The station is due for demolition before the end of the year, and since it only opens its doors on public holidays, this seemed like a very good opportunity to go and explore!

2016-09-13 02.28.46.jpg

Inside the station (the spooky feeling bit 😛 )

2016-09-12 23.51.50.jpg

The market stalls were all down the platforms on either side.

2016-09-13 00.37.18.jpg

They played a funny and adorable Thai movie on the railway tracks called ‘The Teacher’s Diary’ 🙂

2016-09-13 02.26.28.jpg

Us on the tracks afterwards!

2016-09-13 02.27.30.jpg

Feeling so relaxed after that mini holiday! 🙂



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