mooncakes & undercover antics.

On Thursday it is the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a fun festival that is about gathering together and giving thanks, which is very nice I think.Β It is also very exciting because of all of the lanterns and mooncakes everywhere! Eating mooncakes is such a big part of this celebration that people usually just call it the Mooncake Festival. To celebrate, the lovely Pam and Sam (lindy hop buddies!), invited Glen and I over for dinner and mooncake feasting!

2016-09-12 00.38.53.jpg

Dinner with new friends!


2016-09-12 02.15.36.jpg

This is a traditional mooncake – but we also had it in pandan, chocolate and tiramisu flavours! I liked the tiramisu one best! Omnom πŸ™‚

2016-09-12 02.22.51.jpg

This is called Kueh Lapis. It’s like a cake made from steamed rice flour, sugar and coconut milk – but it also tastes a bit like those gummy pizza/hamburger lollies! Apparently Singaporean kids will eat this cake one of two ways – either peel each layer off one by one, or just bite into the whole thing. I am a layer peeler. Glen is a biter πŸ˜›

2016-09-12 03.22.35.jpg

So much dessert!!

After we had dinner we arrived (very late!) to a barbeque that Glen’s church friends were having, which was also so much fun! We played a game called “Undercover” until almost 3 in the morning! πŸ˜› It’s like a cross between catch phrase and mafia!! Which are two very great games. I managed to be super sneaky and trick Glen which was a good time πŸ˜› Sadly it uses an app that is only available on iPhones but if you have an iPhone you should totally get this app and play it:

2016-09-12 07.11.40.jpg

After many rounds of Undercover!

I had so so much fun last night! It was so nice to spend time with so many lovely people πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “mooncakes & undercover antics.

  1. surfsurfcrazy says:

    OMG so great! Food based holidays are the best! How great to meet cool new people πŸ™‚ Also, I am getting that game and we are plaaayyyinnnnngggg it when you get back gurl that sounds awesommmeeee πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ AND whaaat that’s so cool and how spooky too! With those burger lollies people also either eat each layer or eat the whole thing in one go too :O Curiouser and curiouser! Maybe that’s what it looks like in its pure base form and then some person thought … hey… u know what… what if we took this and made it into pizzas and burgers and hot dogs and tricked people into thinking it was four different kinds of candy… when really… there is only one…. :O

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