a visit from suzanne.

2016-09-03 20.44.24.jpg

Suzanne (my second mum 😛 ) has been doing some talks at NUS this week (I managed to sneak in for a bit which was exciting and interesting!) so yesterday we had a whole day to hang out yayyyyy! I had such a lovely day, and it was so nice to show somebody from home around my new places. We started the day in Chinatown, visited Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay and had steamboat for dinner along Orchard Rd! Here are some photos 🙂

2016-09-03 17.24.08.jpg

Gift shopping at the Chinatown markets.

2016-09-03 18.07.18.jpg

We had a hawker centre lunch of some of my favourite Singapore noms – chicken rice, xiao long bao, sugarcane juice (with lemon) and watermelon juice!

2016-09-03 19.15.59.jpg

Choosing tea off the 8 page tea menu at TWG in Marina Bay Sands.

2016-09-03 19.29.36.jpg

Feeling fancy!

2016-09-03 20.05.42.jpg

This tea shop is so beautiful – it is like an ancient and enormous tea library!

2016-09-03 20.27.27.jpg

Walking around the waterfront for some views on our way to Gardens by the Bay!

2016-09-03 21.27.34.jpg

In the Cloud Forest.

2016-09-03 21.50.23.jpg

We were joined by this nutter 😛

2016-09-03 22.01.05.jpg

Under the dome!

2016-09-04 02.45.47.jpg
For dinner we had steamboat at a place along Orchard Rd!
2016-09-04 01.51.13.jpg

Getting the noodles out of the soup was a challenge 😛 We left it up to this one…

I had such a lovely time with you Suzanne!!! New Zealand and Singapore feel a little bit closer together now 🙂


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