art jam.

2016-08-27 16.55.19.jpg

On Saturday morning, Shao En and I went to ArtJam! This is an event that UTown Residence puts on every year. They gave us a blank canvas at the door, and then there were these paint and painting supplies stations that you could go back and forth from to get things to paint with as you needed them! They even gave us snacks and drinks – there are so many amazing free events here!! It was so much fun, and such a relaxing way to start the weekend.


This year they opened the event up to the local communities, so we sat with this lovely family! The kids were super cute and were very excited about painting Pokemon, Hello Kitty and minions 🙂

2016-08-27 15.42.48.jpg

Normally they hold this out on the Town Green, but the haze struck on Friday, and so the air wasn’t great on Saturday morning. So it was moved into this cool space in UTown, which fitted everyone amazingly well! This is just one small section of the people!

2016-08-27 16.55.45.jpg

This is me with my painting hehe!

2016-08-27 16.54.06.jpg

We got to take our paintings home with us at the end of the morning!

So much fun. This building is a very busy and interesting place to live!


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