wok the talk // sneaky preview.

So I met my co-hosts today for our radio show which will be called…. da da dunnn… WOK THE TALK! We’ll be on air from 2-3.30pm on Wednesdays, Singapore time, which is 6-7.30pm NZ time, and the good news is – for you lovely peeps at home – it is an internet radio station, so you can tune in anywhere in the world! We will be talking about food, and trying food, and making a lot of food related puns – so if that’s your jam, you can listen in 😉 I think they’re updating the website at the moment, but I’ll post the link sometime before we start next week! Eep!

Today we met up to shoot our poster photos, so here is a sneaky preview of some shots from that 🙂

2016-08-24 19.38.392016-08-24 19.43.572016-08-24 19.46.29

I knew buying so much colourful cutlery was a wise decision!! 😛


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