raffles place, rainbows, night lights and noms.

It was a fun weekend of exploring and eating! I forgot my camera, like a silly, but here are some photos from my phone!



Dinner at Wasabi Tei, a super cool and tiny Japanese restaurant.


The Singapore Night Festival was this weekend! We didn’t actually know this, we just stumbled across it after going to the movies – but it was a cool find!


I had radio training on Saturday! It was super fun and the people are so nice!! More details coming soon 😉 After training I went to meet Glen at Raffles Place, but I was a little early, so I did some exploring.


The outside entrance to Raffles Place is so cool!


And there’s this cute park outside with giant pencils.


Also, if you like rainbows, you should get off at this station!


Rainbow teapots at the Providore.


And this exit from the MRT is super colourful too!


Dinner at Din Tai Fung! This wise one knows that dumplings are the way to my heart 😛  Had a lot of fun practicing my Mandarin over dinner (I can write like, 3 words!)


This is xiao long bao, one of the most wonderful things ever created. These dumplings have a pork filling, but also a soup inside! You eat it with ginger and soy sauce and then you have no words because it is too good.


We went back to the Night Festival after dinner!


This was a cool moving light display projected onto a building.


There were lots of pretty things to see!


On Sunday we had lunch at a pretty golf course!



And then I had an enormous nap to recover from being so busy 😛 The cold has almost completely gone away thank goodness! I’m really looking forward to the coming week 🙂


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