a whole bunch of new.

I have discovered a thing – doing something completely different is a rather effective antidote to perfectionism. Having no expectations on yourself is very freeing! Also, I feel like living overseas was such a big step that doing anything else is just a little hop away. Anything is possible! Hello world, you oyster! πŸ™‚

So brimming with confidence in doing wild and uncharacteristic things, I auditioned to be a radio host on NUS’ student radio, Radio Pulze, yesterday… aaaaaand I got in!! I’m going to have a radio show!!!! EEEP!

As yet, I don’t know what show it will be or when it will be, but what I DO know is that it is an internet radio station, so all you lovely folks at home (or elsewhere) will be able to tune in if you so wish πŸ˜‰ I have a full day of media training on Saturday, and I’m hoping to either be doing a detective show or a food show, but we shall see! I’ll keep ya posted! πŸ™‚

Yesterday was a really great day all around, because I joined like four different things all in one day and now suddenly I’m connected to all of these amazing, lovely people all at once. Which is so nice!

I started the day by signing up for zumba, yoga and cardioaerobics! I think they thought I was a little mad actually, most people apparently just choose ONE fitness class, but why not three I thought, so that’s what I did! So yay for happy exercise times! And look how cute the stickers are on the back of my ID card!! πŸ˜›

2016-08-19 04.01.14.jpg

Then after class I had my Radio Pulze audition, which was actually such a great time. The radio people are so nice and friendly! I had to read a blurb about an upcoming Singaporean play, and tell them about my washi tape collection (well, I didn’t have to talk about washi tape exactly, I chose that part), and then conduct a spontaneous fake interview with a difficult and arrogant imaginary pop-star called “Forest, the One Man Band”, which was all really fun. I’m really looking forward to being in their team! πŸ™‚

After THAT I rushed off to the NUS Photographic Society welcome tea! When I first heard of a club having a “welcome tea”, I thought, aww that’s so quaint and adorable!! But actually, it turns out, EVERY club has a welcome tea, and there is no actual tea ever involved. But still. Pretty cute. Anyway, the photography people are also very very nice, and it sounds really cool, they have monthly photo walks around different parts of Singapore, and courses and workshops, and as a member you can borrow their DSLR cameras and their lenses whenever you like! Which is pretty neat πŸ™‚ I’m a very inexperienced photographer, so this is also something new for me, and also exciting! Gonna learn so muchhhh.

And then I did something else new too! It was a big day! I actually had to leave the Photographic Society early to get to another welcome tea (two in one night! I know! How crazy!) – that of the NUS Lindy Hop club! Lindy hop is a 1930s/40s swing dance done to jazz music, and it is the most adorable and fun dance you ever did see. I can’t even explain how excited I am about this club. My little retro heart is beaming. The semester starts with 6 weeks of Wednesday beginners lindy hop classes, and then after that you can take more classes, and also you’reΒ fully prepared to dance your heart out at lindy hop socials. Because it turns out, in Singapore, there is a thriving lindy hop social scene, and you can go to actual lindy hop dances that are on like all the time! GUYS IT’S THE YESTERYEAR OF MY DREAMS IT’S REAL. Plus, the people in this club are equally adorable and lovely as the dancing itself, and it felt just like being back home in the Glee club. πŸ™‚

So yesterday was a big day of activity doing and friend making. I had been feeling a bit like I hadn’t really found my place here yet. I don’t quite fit with the exchange student groups off travelling every weekend, and I haven’t had much chance to make friends in classes so far. But as of yesterday, I feel like I belong in all sorts of places! I’m so excited to learn stuff,Β and hang out with these lovely people, and to try all the new things πŸ™‚




4 thoughts on “a whole bunch of new.

  1. surfsurfcrazy says:

    Ahhh this makes me so happy that you found some cool clubs to join! And what this is so great a little retro dancing fun times?? It’s like being in the war times without having to be in a war! πŸ˜€ All the good stuff without the bad stuff! That’s the dream! πŸ˜› ALSO I am SO SAD that Forest, the one man band is not a real Singaporean music act. I think you should use your spare time to take up that persona and become the act the global music market has been waiting for ;P

    Liked by 1 person

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