student life fair.

On Thursday to Saturday last week, it was the Student Life Fair. This is sort of like what we  call Clubs Week at Auckland Uni, but like times a million, and with so much free stuff you actually just cannot carry it all.

2016-08-13 00.21.30

Everyone gets given a goodie bag that has SO MUCH STUFF – there are vouchers and snacks and stationery and toiletries and even a t-shirt!

2016-08-13 00.24.37

My flatmates and I also between us acquired a bunch of magazines (which are actually all just Time and Cleo, but oh well, at least that’s kinda diverse), which we have arranged on the coffee table so as to be a cool household 😉 And one of them has Lorde on the cover!

2016-08-12 19.13.31

There was also a cute photobooth where you could get your photo taken, and other cool things like face painting, henna and caricature drawings.

And when you’ve navigated your way around all of the free stuff and performances and things to do, you can wander round all of the many clubs! There are so many that it is held in three sports halls. There are music clubs and dancing clubs and a photography club and a kayaking club and a book club and a psychology club and it’s very hard to not sign up for too much stuff, but I figured I’d just go on the mailing lists of EVERYTHING I liked, or maybe might like, and then I’ll decide later 😛

So I will let you know how the club choosing goes!

To be continued!


3 thoughts on “student life fair.

  1. Soly says:

    Yay!!! CLUBS!!!! You might not know this…. but I am a big proponent of clubs… for some reason…. who knows.

    And omgod legit free stuff – it all looks so good, ugh nus doin good by you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. surfsurfcrazy says:

    SO MUCH FREE STUFF OH MY GOSSSSHHHHH THAT’S INSAAAAAAANNNEEEE! Here we are at UoA reminiscing about the time we got free shapes and cup noodles AND LOOK AT THAT :O Ur living in some kind of futuristic utopian society :O


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