happy 51st, singapore.

2016-08-10 02.01.45.jpg

August 9th is National Day in Singapore, a sort of birthday celebration of Singapore’s independence. It’s a public holiday (so even though semester just started yesterday, we already get a day off!), and every year there is a big parade (which, I’ve heard, is very, very difficult to actually get tickets to) and a big fireworks display!

I spent National Day with the lovely Glen, and here are some photos of our adventures!

2016-08-10 00.08.35.jpg

For dinner we had sukiyaki, which is this hugely exciting and delicious experience where you cook your own meat, vegetables, noodles etc. in a pot of soup on a hotplate at your table. The more you cook, the tastier everything gets, because by cooking things you keep adding more and more flavour to the soup! SO YUMMMMMM.

2016-08-10 01.16.54.jpg

After dinner we went to see the fireworks! I have never seen fireworks so huge. They were really really beautiful.


2016-08-10 01.16.52.jpg

After the first minute or so I stopped taking photos because I was too awestruck to do anything except watch!


We went to see the fireworks right beside the stadium where the parade was held, which meant that we had the best view for fireworks, but also that it was impossible to leave the area for about an hour afterwards! The roads around are closed because of the parade…

2016-08-10 01.40.32.jpg

… and this was (part of! I couldn’t even get it all in my shot!) the queue for the MRT after the fireworks ended!

2016-08-10 01.47.58.jpg

Rather than join the mad crush, we decided it would be nicer to walk around for a while. 🙂

2016-08-10 02.23.39.jpg

We even snuck into the stadium to have a look! 😉

2016-08-10 02.25.25.jpg

^ look at me being all excited about being sneaky while that rebel boyfriend of mine remains as cool as a cucumber 😛


Happy birthday, Singapore! Your party was very nice. Thanks for having me here.


7 thoughts on “happy 51st, singapore.

  1. Andrew Gamman says:

    It looks like you can reply to these posts… we’ll find out.

    I recognise that stadium form the 7s tournament.

    Raining and very dark here at 8.20am. Mum is still asleep. Have a nice day.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Soly says:

    Ahhh, I love giant fireworks, but I think I might also be terrified by the huge sound of it… that MRT line is cray. I love that there’s an orderly line tho – no stampede!

    Liked by 1 person

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