food bingo + durians.

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It was back to Chinatown today for a game of food bingo! Each team was given a bingo card of food items, and we had to find, photograph and eat five of these items in a row as fast as we could!

My team tried Dim Sum, Milo Dinosaur, Durian, Cheng Tng, Laksa, Popiah and Mee Goreng (as there was no Maggie Goreng to be found!!).

2016-08-05 16.37.06.jpg


I had tried a few of these foods already, but one I have been particularly (slightly fearfully) curious to try is durian.

The durian, or “the king of fruits”, is the most notorious fruit I have ever encountered. Never have I met a fruit so polarising. I have also never met any other fruit that is banned from train stations. The reason for this is that durians have a particularly peculiar, potent, and lingering fragrance (and also taste). I think everyone here is either on Team I Love Durians or Team Keep Your Stinky Durian Breath Away From Me!

My boyfriend is unfortunately on the latter, and had previously warned me that if I should want to eat durians, that would be just fine, but please could I stay more than 5 metres away from him for the next 24 hours (although in reality, I did actually see him this evening, so that’s true love for you 😉 ). Anyway, since my otherwise trusty tour guide was a little less than eager on this front, I was very keen to take this opportunity to try the national fruit!

2016-08-05 18.11.54.jpg

It is not hard to find this stall. You can smell your way there.

2016-08-05 18.04.41.jpg

Durians are surprisingly expensive, especially given the usually cheap price of Singaporean food. Some of the packets of durian flesh in this cabinet were FIFTY DOLLARS. Apparently this is because they take a long time to grow.

2016-08-05 18.06.58.jpg

The inside of a durian is pretty weird looking. Once you cut open the spiky green outside, there are these unusual looking yellow segments. Our pack only cost $15, and the lady in the shop assured us that this was a particularly mild durian!

I was surprised by the fact that durians have a very creamy texture. I thought it would be sort of solid, but actually, once you bite into the segment, it’s sort of like a very thick durian smoothie. Also, they tasted better than I expected (although perhaps this was due to our selected durian having a tamer flavour than usual!).

On the whole, I think I remain fairly neutral on the subject of durians. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. It tastes like nothing else I have ever eaten before, which made it a very interesting eating experience, and well worth trying! And the aftertaste was not as terribly enduring as I anticipated – although, we did choose a tame durian. And I did listerine. Twice.

Durian season is around June – August, and apparently they are particularly cheap at the moment, due to good weather conditions. So if you want to try them out this year, now is the time to snaffle them up… Just don’t take them home with you on the MRT 😉


6 thoughts on “food bingo + durians.

    • pardonmysinglish says:

      It’s exactly like an iced milo, except that you just keep on adding milo powder until it can’t possibly dissolve anymore, and after that you put a big heaped spoon of milo on top haha!!! You can actually choose whether you want an iced milo or a milo dinosaur here – one just has A LOT more milo! 😛


  1. Soly says:

    I am so firmly on TEAM DURIAN that I am ready to fight Glen as I sit here right now. I’m glad you got a mild one! I think a lot of the bad rep for durians is that people eat them a lot for the first time when they’re too ripe – get them at just the right time and with a small stone, and it’s a beautiful mouthful of cream… mmm….. sucks that they are expensive!

    Liked by 1 person

    • pardonmysinglish says:

      HAHA! Yes, I was surprised by its mildness!! I had tried some durian ice cream before, and that was a whole lot stronger than the durian we had. I think I’m on the fence about the taste, but the texture I love!


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