city tour and the movie star life.

2016-08-04 16.55.33.jpg

Exploring Chinatown.

Today’s orientation activity was a walking tour around central Singapore! My group happened to be designated to be filmed for a welcome video for next year’s incoming exchange students, so this made the tour extra interesting and amusing, as there was a director instructing us on how to act like tourists, while actually in reality we all are tourists. This gave a level of ironic fun to the tour that I feel the other groups probably missed out on 😉 Also, they bought us fresh juice drinks as a thank you, and watermelon juice is ALWAYS a good time.

Anyway, here are some photos of some of the many places and things we saw today!

2016-08-04 17.30.26.jpg

Today I tried my first fried white carrot cake at the Chinatown hawker centre! This has nothing to do with the stuff we call carrot cake at home – it is actually a delicious sort of omelette made with rice flour and white radishes.

2016-08-04 18.04.54.jpg

We spent most of our walk today in Chinatown. There are lots of cool lanterns everywhere! I like the way these ones bobble in the wind.

2016-08-04 18.16.08.jpg

We visited several religious sites today. This is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

2016-08-04 19.28.12.jpg

An array of colourful juice to reward our film star efforts!

2016-08-04 19.50.23.jpg

A scale model of Central Singapore at the City Gallery, which has really cool displays on Singapore’s urban redevelopment.

2016-08-04 21.19.10.jpg

A cool water feature that a lot of people like to photograph.

2016-08-04 21.23.35.jpg

Tall buildings in the CBD.

2016-08-04 22.48.53.jpg

After the tour, Migle and I went to Clarke Quay for some ice-cream!

2016-08-04 22.40.04.jpg

This green tea ice-cream was worth walking on my tired feet an extra 10 or 15 minutes for. Did you ever see such a beautiful ice cream? I think not.

That’s all for now folks! More news soon 🙂 ❤


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