a smattering of noms and other thoughts.

It’s been a busy sort of food and activity related day, so here is a not particularly cohesive but hopefully interesting collection of those things 🙂

Today we went to the UTown food court situation for lunch, and I ordered a cheese and veg prata. I did not expect this enormous quantity of decadent goodness, but fortunately I had worked up quite an appetite from swimming this morning, so I can proudly inform you that I finished it.

Prata crop.jpg


Today we also had an exchange student meet and greet at Starbucks which was quite nice 🙂 I met another New Zealander, who knows other New Zealanders I haven’t met yet, and I know other New Zealanders SHE hasn’t met yet, so now we have a little New Zealand facebook crew which is pretty cool 🙂

The Starbucks event was mostly for people that got accepted into a buddy programme, which is supposed to pair exchange students with Singaporean students. I didn’t get into it, but I went along anyway, and happened to meet a Singaporean buddy person whose exchange buddies had dropped out of the programme or something, so I now have an adoptive buddy, which is also cool!

After that, we went to an orientation lecture called “Singapore: Then and Now”. And can I tell you, it was like finally coming home. Because I’m a bit weird and really like lectures and it was so interesting and I learnt a lot of things! I felt so happy being in that lecture theatre hehe 🙂 Here are two things that I thought were most interesting.

  1. Singapore used to have 63 islands. Now it has slightly fewer, because they reclaimed land to join some of the islands together. But still. There are a lot of secret islands out there.
  2. This is something that the lecturer said, which I thought was a very interesting thought:

Singapore has no natural resources except for its people.

After the lecture one of my new flatmates and one of my new exchange pals and I took the MRT to Holland Village to eat at the Hawker Centre there!




Mee Goreng.

I had mee goreng and I cannot begin to describe how delicious it was, and also those pickled chillies in that little side bowl are like these awesome morsels of sour spicy goodness, and are one of my new favourite things.

Tomorrow I am going on a city tour, which should be fun!

Much love to you all ❤


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