today felt like 10 days long (but it was good).

Today Shao En (my lovely flatmate) and I have been adventurers.

2016-07-30 21.03.08

We did some shopping, bought a whiteboard marker, and made some lists.

2016-07-30 22.55.48

Then we went with some other exchange students to try bak kut teh… We found out afterwards that this place has just won a Michelin star!

2016-07-30 23.00.07

And quite rightly so, cause it was so shiok 😉 We went for an early dinner, which was lucky, because when we left the restaurant at 6pm, the queue to get a table was at an HOUR of wait time.

2016-07-30 23.30.36

We went for a little stroll over to Chinatown, and passed some cool sights on the way.

2016-07-30 23.41.25

Like this mad hotel, the Park Royal!

2016-07-30 23.46.43

Whaaat so pretty.

2016-07-31 00.08.16

There is a 50c food festival in Chinatown this weekend… meaning that all of the food on sale down this street was only 50c!!!!

2016-07-31 00.13.29

However, we quickly realised actually obtaining said food was borderline impossible, due to the fact that a lot of people think that 50c food is a pretty great idea.

After all of this, we arrived home very tired, but cause we’re real troopers, we went and figured out how the washing machines work here (they’re strange), and did two loads of laundry!

I am lying down typing this, but even without standing on them, my feet seriously hurt! They’ve done a lot of walking the past couple of days!!

It’s kind of a strange feeling, doing all of these things with people you barely know. It’s especially strange here right now because there are barely any Singaporeans on campus yet, it’s mostly just exchange students – so everyone is in the same boat, but it’s also this sort of madness where everyone’s trying to socialise as much as possible, which is quite exhausting! Feeling very tired, but coping with all the things 🙂 Ready for a good night’s sleep!


4 thoughts on “today felt like 10 days long (but it was good).

  1. Julie Wilson says:

    Hi Sarah
    I’m enjoying your updates. The director of our business school who used to be in the diplomatic corp said 1 year overseas is like 3 years at home because of all the experiences and personal growth over that time. (In which case you’re well on your way to earning an additional 2!) Happy adventuring!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Soly says:

    that’s the best……. meeting new people and immediately bonding and doing all these friendship things because… you need each other, and you understand each other, you have no choice but to take care of each other! good to hear you’ve figured out the washing machines – SO IMPORTANT! do u guys have dryers too, or do u not need them in singapore, haha?

    Liked by 1 person

    • pardonmysinglish says:

      Washing dries pretty fast here, but not SUPER fast… cause of the humidity I guess? But I have to air dry my dresses anyway, so I’ve just been air drying everything rather than paying for the dryer!


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