day 1 in new dwelling / week 1 in new country

Tonight is my first night in UTown. With the help of my (super lovely) boyfriend, I moved my things over tonight, and have set up a little, and am tucked up in my new bed typing this and feeling very cozy! Here are some photos. 🙂





There’s a 24 hour Starbucks at the bottom of my building, which is pretty neat (she types in a calm tone while flailing arms around in excitement, which actually makes the typing rather difficult). Also a 24 hour convenience store from which I got some cute little cartons of cereal, and a little carton of milk, and a bottle of yuzu juice for breakfast! So that was pretty neat too!!

I like this little town. 🙂

In other news, I have now been here for one week! It feels like so much longer – today alone felt like about a week! I have very sore feet from all the walking, and a very tired brain from meeting all the people, but I am feeling very contented and happy to be here.

More news soon!

Much love ❤


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