foaming soap & photobooths.

2016-07-27 14.50.17 brighter

Dear Singapore,

After spending some time in your gloriously innumerable malls, I have two things in particular that I would like to thank you for.

  1. Automatic foaming soap dispensers. I am glad that you have these. I am glad that these are everywhere. It is very hard for me to implement restraint and not throw bubbles everywhere in pure joy of the automatic unlimited bubbly soap situation. Thus far I have managed to maintain a calm and grown-up appearance while hand-washing. But you should know that it’s a close call.
  2. Photobooths. I actually don’t understand why, in the midst of all your high-tech-ness, you still keep ancient photobooths in your malls as the main method of taking ID photos. But I love it so much. They don’t have these back home anymore and I missed them so much from when I was a kid! And also it makes me feel like Amélie. Both of these things are good things!

This remarkable combination of innovation and retro-cool-ness I find very great, and I wished to pass my compliments to you. Thank you for the excellent mall experience.




6 thoughts on “foaming soap & photobooths.

  1. surfsurfcrazy says:

    (Ah no, it was actually this post I wrote a super insightful and witty comment for and was then rudely interrupted by the power cute fuse situation 😛 I think this is sort of what I wrote before…)

    Oh man I totally didn’t read the “&” in the title and I was so hyped for some sort of bubbly booth for having a mini foam party or something?! But I guess it’s better this way, enjoying the two activities separately, especially from a health and safety perspective 🙂


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