hello new home, it’s me, your inhabitant.

Yesterday I checked into my university accommodation. I am living in a very nice, very new, and very, very huge place called UTown. I am staying in the UTown Residence, which is one of many residences within the UTown area (which is just one small part of the NUS campus), and my residence alone is made up of two towers with 25 floors each. A lot of people live here!

At the moment, my apartment is totally bare, so I am still staying with Glen and family while I get set up. But here are some photos to introduce you to my new dwelling!

2016-07-25 17.20.44

I caught the wrong bus, so ended up with quite a walk to UTown, but that was actually rather pleasant.

2016-07-25 17.24.02

To get there, you have to cross this quite pretty bridge.

2016-07-25 17.26.54

This is the walkway to my residence.

2016-07-25 22.02.38 bright

This is my room! Currently very empty, but it has nice light!!

photo 1

And a nice view!

I am in an apartment with three other people, who I haven’t met yet! We share a lounge, a minuscule kitchen (aka. a fridge, a microwave and a sink), and a bathroom. Yesterday was the first day of early check-in, so I am the only one there so far! I’m looking forward to meeting my flatmates, and decorating my room. I may have just bought some more washi tape πŸ˜‰

Also, the welcoming people at UTown were so cute and they gave everyone adorable welcome packs with lots and lots of Oreos, which is exciting.

2016-07-25 21.16.50

So cute! So many Oreos!

I’ll post more soon, and update you all on the decorating process!

πŸ™‚ ❀


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