leaving/arriving/launching into stuff.

I have now been in Singapore for almost exactly just over one day! So far it all sort of feels like some crazy and really exciting dream, featuring the best send-off crew and the best greeting crew in the whole world. Here are some thoughts and photos from all of this busy-ness.

On leaving

My lovely send-off crew. Thank you for keeping me smiling. I love you all infinitely. Your letters and texts and kindness made me courageous.


My lovely, wonderful (and brave) parents.


The beautiful GOIS.


My marvellous second fam.

On arriving

I may have been the most impatient person waiting to get off the plane. I am still so excited to see you (you are possibly unaware of my excitement in this current moment since you are sitting right next to me concentrating on your work, but even TYPING next to you is very exciting!!!). And thank you for the flowers.

photo (1).JPG

Truly stellar boyfriend.

2016-07-23 00.06.07.jpg

Adorable tea at the airport!

On launching into things

By this, I basically just mean shopping and eating (important), and going to a yoga class with Glen’s dragon boating team.


Yoga in a mall (how wild!).

2016-07-24 02.34.29.jpg

My first Peranakan food!

Feeling quite settled and happy to be here!

Sending all my love. 🙂 ❤


7 thoughts on “leaving/arriving/launching into stuff.

  1. surfsurfcrazy says:

    I didn’t even know Glen did Dragon Boating, that’s so cool! You can do everything in a mall in Singapore! They’re so considerate, making everything so accessible like that 🙂 Miss u pal but glad ur having a dope time 🙂


  2. Soly says:

    i didnt know about glen doing dragon boating either! how cool! and are those his parents? ahhh, awesome, they’re such a beautiful family T_T this blog is making me feel weird things…

    Liked by 1 person

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