4 DAYS TO GO the ultimate joiner.

So orientation starts next week and there are a whole bunch of exchange student activities and in a true adventurous spirit I decided to sign up for EVERYTHING cause really, why not.

Here is a list I made of those activities, for your perusal.

  1. Orientation Welcome (yay being welcomed)
  2. Giant Train Trip Where Everyone Goes to IKEA Together (yay supplies)
  3. Campus Tour (yay for being slightly less lost than very lost!)
  4. All the International Students Get Starbucks Together (yum)
  5. “Singapore: Then & Now” (a talk of some kind)
  6. City Tour (yay exploring!)
  7. Local Games Day (incl. what time is it Mr Wolf, hopscotch & chaptek)
  8. Food Bingo in Chinatown (YUM)
  9. Welcome Party (yay being welcomed again!)
  10. Welcome Fest (SO MUCH WELCOME!!!!!)

Actually that’s not even all of them cause there’s also some enormous all-weekend activity thing that I don’t fully understand yet.

And also two buddy programmes.

So many buddies, so much welcoming!


4 thoughts on “4 DAYS TO GO the ultimate joiner.

  1. Soly says:

    wahh!!! this is so much! so much welcome and buddies and adventure and learning (can’t forget the learning!) yayyyy sarah this sounds so fun! im so glad ur doing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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